Devil Cares: Chapter Thirteen

May 28, 2008 at 5:00 pm (Devil Cares) ()

Chapter thirteen, good thing today’s not a Friday, hmm? Also, just so you know, this chapter is le short.

“No, no” Connie Travis said, pointing discreetly with her ketchup. She used the motion to push a lock of her auburn hair behind her ear. “Barrett’s the older one. The one whose hair is almost black.”
“Oh, okay” Marie Wilson said, watching the three out of the corner of her blue eyes. She put a can of something, she didn’t even see what, in the cart. “So, Wesson is the brownish haired one?”
“And Kimber is the blond?”
“Dark blond, but yeah.”
Thoughtfully, Marie said, “I don’t think I’ve seen him around before.”
“Well, you wouldn’t’ve,” Connie told her blond friend as she picked up some ranch dressing. “He moved away about four years ago, almost five now. Way before you moved here.”
The brothers turned at the end of the aisle and they were out of sight. Marie was a bit sad for it, that older one was delicious.
“So, what’s his story?” she asked as they made their way down toward the mayo.
“Whose story, Kimber’s?” Connie glanced around conspiratorially before leaning in close. Marie leaned in almost automatically.
“Well, no one really knows why he moved away, the most common theory is—”
“The most common theory is,” came a cool voice from behind them as the two women froze, “that I was forcibly ejected from the house through the window by my father when he caught me on the couch with my male lover in the process of ripping the buttons off his shirt.”
Slowly, the two turned around to see Kimber Mossberg standing behind them. His blondish hair was one of those messy, natural looking tumbles that only certain people could pull off. He pulled it off. His clothes fit him like they’d been tailor made, and the soft blue fit both his skin tone and his hair color to a T. He wasn’t even looking at the two of them, instead his gray eyes were scanning the salad dressing.
“It was nothing like that, by the way,” he said.
As he spoke, Marie would have sworn the temperature dropped a marked, measurable degree.
“If you’re going to be spreading the story around, Constance, you should at least spread the correct story.”
Frantically Marie waved her hands in front of her in one of those negating gestures.
“It’s really none of my business,” she breathed, panicked.
“That didn’t stop you before did it?” Came his icy reply. If Marie had taken a breath at that instant she was sure she would have seen the puff of it on the air.
He reached up to the top shelf and pulled down some light ranch. He still didn’t look at them as his eyes scanned the back of it. “The true story is, I told my father I wanted to move out, he told me it was strictest family tradition not to leave the family home until marriage. I told him I was having none of that, and left anyway. There was no screaming, no breaking of windows, no popping of buttons. Just a simple argument.”
Decision apparently made, he turned the bottle back to the front in his hand. “I give you my permission to spread that around.”
For the first time he looked at them, a brow arched. Marie was sure she felt frost forming on her eyes lashes from just that look. He took them in with one quick sweep up and down, contempt heavy in his gray eyes.
“Not that it would have stopped you if I hadn’t,” he said, and then he turned and strode calmly away.
Marie let out her breath and reached for her basket for support. “God.”
A bit shaky herself, Connie said, “We used to call him the ice princess behind his back in high school. Now you know why.”
Kimber rejoined his brothers at the checkout aisle. He put his dressing on the belt.
“Light dressing?” Wes made a face.
“It doesn’t taste that different and its healthier.” Kimber continued, “Considering the way you drown your food in it I figured a little more on the safe side wouldn’t hurt you.”
The youngest sibling looked to the oldest for backup. “Barrett, come on, light ranch?”
He shrugged. “Don’t look at me, I like Italian.”
Wes groaned in defeat. He saw that Kimber had a faraway look on his face, and he kept glancing backward.
“What’s up?” he asked.
Blinking, Kimber said, “What? Oh, nothing. Just some gossiping old biddies I had to put in their place.”
“Biddies? Who says that anymore?”
Kimber gave a cold smile. “It’s more polite than what I was thinking.”
Wes shook his head.
Casually, Kimber asked, “Hey, Wes, how much of that homework do you have done?”
“That’s what I thought,” Kimber said. “You know, you’ll be going back to school on Monday and I told the teachers you’d be caught up.”
“I have a day for each day I missed,” Wes replied, “I don’t have to have that stuff done ‘til next week.”
“Ah, but will you do it if you put it off that long?”
“Eventually,” Wes hedged.
Kimber snorted. “Why do I not believe you?”
Barrett pulled out his credit card and paid for the food. The three Mossberg siblings gathered up the bags and headed to the truck. They piled the food in the back, Kimber admonished Barrett not to break anything, and covered it with a tarp to protect the bags from the rain.
On the way back to the ranch, Kimber asked, “Barrett do you have any plans for tomorrow?”
He replied, “One of Jim Byrne’s guys is coming out to evaluate our windows, don’t know when, though.”
“I think I’ll go into town to get the safe box stuff from the bank then, if you have no objections.”
“Knock yourself out.”
Reaching into his pocket, Kimber withdrew his cell phone. “Hey, Missy, it’s Kimber.”
“Oh, hi,” came the voice from the other end. “What’s up?”
“Well,” he said, “I just thought about what you said about catching up, and I’m coming into town tomorrow anyway, so if you don’t have anything else going on do you wanna do lunch?”
“I’d love to,” Melissa replied, “I usually take my lunch at eleven, does that work for you?”
“That’s just fine. I have an appointment at one, so that will still give me some time.”
“Where do you wanna meet?”
Kimber thought for a moment. “Well, I haven’t been to Benitos since I’ve been back in town.”
There was a horrified gasp on the other end. “You haven’t? No question, we’re meeting there.”
Laughing, Kimber said, “Great. See you then.”



  1. Yahrlan said,

    Hehe. Ice Princess? High schoolers are so creative sometimes. *rolls eyes*

    Devil Cares Chapter Playlist

    Oh, and a typo:
    ~“Well, know one really knows why he moved away~ no

  2. Zappaz said,

    You go, Ice Princess! *snickersnort* I mean, Kimber… ^_^ He’s definitely my favorite Mossberg.

    A short chapter like you said, perhaps, but I like it.

  3. jekloneo said,

    Like it too. But seriously, Ice Princess?

  4. Seth Gray said,

    Yes, Ice Princess. High Schoolers, what can you do? Notice it was something they called him behind his back, not to his face.

  5. Yahrlan said,

    They probably didn’t call him that to his face knowing it would give him more ammo against them. One of those, “That’s the best you could come-up with? Seriously?”

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