Devil Cares: Chapter Twenty-One

June 30, 2008 at 5:00 pm (Devil Cares) ()

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The lights had gone out in a split second, but as they came back on they brightened slowly. Wes found himself rubbing his eyes as they adjusted to the light, however gradual it was. He was blinking spots out of his vision when the sound of a giggle reached his ears.
Eyes flying open, Wes stared in shock at the scene before him. He was sitting with his back propped against something like the seat of a car, but in front of him it stretched out several feet like a bed. The seat reminded him of the old cars his oldest brother called “boats,” and was made of very plush white leather. Light streamed down from some invisible point in the ceiling, lighting only his immediate surroundings. Beyond the bed it was totally dark. All of that was rather interesting, but absolutely none of it was holding the youngest Mossberg’s attention.
Instead, his focus was zeroed directly in front of him. It was like something out of his dreams. Two gorgeous chicks a little older than him were kneeling just a little past his knees, and were providing the source of the giggling. One was blonde, with her hair in curls all tied up in a ponytail type thing on the back of her head. She was wearing a leopard spotted bikini edged in pink lace. The other was a redhead, her hair flowing down past her shoulders in copper waves. Wes noticed her eyes were a green disturbingly reminiscent of Melissa Jones, and that she was dressed in a black one-piece bustier.
“Oh, good,” giggled the blonde, seeing him notice them.
She leaned forward, and before Wes could react she’d stuck out her tongue and began to lick his neck. His eyes wanted to loll back into his head, but he snapped out of it.
He reached out his hand to push her away. “Now, just wait a—oh, God!”
The blond had not been deterred, she’d simply taken the opportunity to start sucking on his fingers.
“Not quite, love,” the redhead purred in a voice Wes could only describe as silky.
She began to lean toward him as well, and Wes edged backwards, pulling his fingers from the blonde’s mouth. But there was nowhere to go, his back was already up against the seat.
“Don’t be afraid to use those, baby,” the blonde breathed as she began to pull up the edge of his shirt.
“S-stop,” Wes moaned as the blonde’s tongue found his navel.
“You don’t really want us to stop,” replied the redhead as she pulled the neck of his shirt past his shoulder. “We can tell.”
Trying to find a breath, Wes groaned, “Y-yes, I do—”
“Hush,” purred the liquid of the redhead’s voice as she bent her head and bit down on Wes’s shoulder.
She bit hard, and it hurt, and yet it sent a spike of heat straight to his groin. He threw his head back and whimpered, full on whimpered.
“Oh, he liked that,” laughed the blonde, whose tongue was moving farther up his chest.
Wes felt himself drowning beneath the onslaught of unfamiliar sensation, and he knew he should stop, find some kind of protest. But then the redhead’s hand dipped below his belt and everything else melted away.
The first sign Barrett received that the lights were coming back on was his flashlight suddenly flickering to life. Startled, he almost dropped it as his beam lanced out into the darkness.
From somewhere in the blackness around him, he heard an old soul love song start to play. His brow wrinkled in confusion, and he made several passes with his light trying to find the source of the sound. What he did find was something else entirely.
His beam fell upon an incredibly beautiful chestnut haired woman as she raced toward him. She was wearing a wispy white sundress, complete with pale pink flowers stitched into the bottom hem. He staggered back a step as she leaped into the air. Reflexively, he caught her in his arms, and she wrapped her legs around his waist. There was suddenly a wall behind him, and he fell against it with the weight of the woman pressing on him.
Before he could recover from his surprise enough to throw her off of him, she pressed her lips against his own. Dimly, Barrett recognized the scent of lemons floating on the air. The woman dropped her hands from around his neck to ball them in the fabric of his shirt. With one smooth motion she ripped it off him, and the sound of tearing t-shirt echoed unnaturally loud around them.
He was beginning to regain his sense once again when she heaved on his shirt, pulling them both backwards. Barrett let out a surprised sound, and threw one arm out to cushion himself so he didn’t crush the woman. They were now laying on a posh four poster bed.
“How gallant,” smiled the woman, and for the first time Barrett could see that her eyes were a radiant blue, more vivid than his own.
She surged up against him, using the motion to roll them over. She was straddling him now, and the bed had become a thick quilt blanket beneath them. He hadn’t even noticed that she’d stripped his belt off as they’d changed positions. That, more than anything, triggered warning bells in his mind.
Barrett reached to her waist to push her off, but she bore down harder. Despite himself, he hissed with pleasure at the pressure.
“You’re not real,” he ground out from clenched teeth.
Her smile was sweet and lovely as she hooked her thumbs beneath the shoulder straps of her dress and pulled them down. “Real enough.”
His breath stuck in his throat as her perfect, pale breasts tumbled into view. She leaned forward, holding them an inch above his face as her fingers found the button of his jeans.
“Barrett?” Kimber called out into the inky hallway. “Damn it, Barrett, this isn’t funny.”
There was no answer, funny or otherwise.
Shit,” he said with feeling.
He smacked his flashlight on his palm a few times, uselessly. With a sigh, he pushed it back into his attaché. He was debating whether or not to continue on down the black hallway when he heard a sound behind him. It was the ponderous click of a spotlight turning on.
Whirling around, Kimber froze when he saw the scene before him. There was a positively huge round bed sitting underneath the spotlight beam. Lounging on it were several men of rippling physique. Not to say that they were bulky, but all of them were broad and muscled with flawless washboard abs. One of them, with wavy brown hair and warm chocolate eyes, was good looking in a harmless, boyish kind of way. Another sported delectable brown skin, and a curving set of lips that promised good things to come. Just behind that one was a Latino man who was, Kimber was certain, much taller than any Latino he’d yet come across. There were more, and each was a display of physical perfection, but Kimber stopped trying to quantify. Each was wearing skimpy bits of underwear that, although they were technically covered, left little to the imagination. It seemed, however, that little was hardly an accurate descriptor.
If Kimber had any reaction to this veritable smorgasbord of eye candy, there wasn’t any sign of it in his gray eyes. There was only the arching of one slender brow. Crossing his arms, he turned to his right, deliberating facing away from them.
“You didn’t honestly expect that to work, did you?” he called off into the darkness.
Again there was a sound from behind him, but this time it was the hum of a smooth voice.
“Actually,” came a sultry woman’s voice, “I did.”
Kimber turned around to face the succubus much more sedately than when the light had come on.
She was sitting just on the edge of the last area the light reached. The wire and glass table and chair she was using would have fit in perfectly at a fancy bistro. Her black skirt was split just enough to allow her movement and still be classy. On top was a pale purple sweater that was more for looks than to keep out the cold, for it was a light and airy material. Kimber couldn’t help but notice the impeccable leather boots she was wearing that stopped just below the knee. One leg was crossed over the other, with one hand resting on the knee. In her other hand was a glass that he guessed held a cocktail of some kind, but Barrett would know better than he.
“It worked on your brothers, after all,” she pointed out.
“My brothers,” Kimber said, not unkindly, “are idiots.”
She laughed, a beautiful, joyful sound. “Oh, come now. There are fruits aplenty to enjoy in my garden.”
A mocking smile formed on Kimber’s face. “I’ll just bet.”
Sighing, she placed her glass on the table, uncrossed her legs, and began to walk toward him. Her gait was as smooth as her voice. Though he watched her with a wary eye, he didn’t back away. As she neared him and became more visible, he noted with some amusement that she was also tall and dark of hair.
“But there’s nothing I can offer you, is there?” She lifted her hand and trailed one slender finger down his cheek. He didn’t flinch away.
“No, there’s not. There’s already an apple of my eye, Lady,” he replied, keeping with the fruit theme she had used.
She leaned closer, her voice a softy, throaty whisper. “Apples grow, too, in my garden.”
As she began to lean in close to him, Kimber pressed one finger against her lips and gently pushed her back.
“Thanks, but no thanks,” he said. “I prefer the real thing.”
“True love.” Her voice was almost wistful, and her hand had trailed down from his face to rest above his heart. “Good for you, a bitch for me.”
Kimber smiled. “My apologies, Lady, but one can’t have everything.”
She took a step back, her hands falling away. “I know better than anyone that statement is only too true.”
“My brothers, please,” Kimber said. “Return them to me and you may go on your way.”
For the first time, Kimber could see her eyes were green as she gave him a look. “Mercy from a hunter? Can this be?”
Shrugging, he replied, “You’ve done nothing during your stay in this town to warrant your death. I’m not a killer. I believe in justice and compassion, Lady.”
Arching her brow in a manner that parodied Kimber to exactness, she asked, “What, then? I deliver your brothers unto you and I’m allowed to spend the remainder of my immortal days in peace?”
Kimber nodded. “So long as you spend them elsewhere.”
She smiled. “Done.” She turned on her heel and began to walk into the darkness.
“My brothers?” Kimber prompted.
Turning back to face him she replied, “Let’s give them a minute to pull themselves together, hmm?”
“Oh, and one last thing.”
Kimber gestured with his head to where the bed still lay. “How many did you conjure up, anyway? Six? Seven? Just what did you expect me to do with them?”
Grinning wickedly, she replied, “You’re too uptight, Kimber. Enjoy life.”
With that she took those last few steps that would take her out of the light. Kimber couldn’t have pinpointed the exact moment when the lights went out and there was misty rain on his face.



  1. Yahrlan said,

    ….Damn, girl! Talk about over-kill, though she’s right in one regard…Kim really need to chill a little…actually smell the roses he picks lol.

    Oh, and I kicked the lazys and caught-up on the playlist.
    DC Playlist

  2. jekloneo said,

    Succubae… Just what did she want Kimber to do with them? I was laughing all the way through this chapter. This is one of my favourite chapters.

    Just one typo, I think.
    all of them WAS broad and muscled with flawless washboard abs
    WERE, I’m presuming?

  3. Zappaz said,

    *laughs* I think this is my favorite chapter so far. I love Kimber’s reaction — rather, lackthereof — to all those illusionary guys.

    And, geeze, who…? This is going to drive me crazy.

  4. Seth Gray said,

    What, exactly, is going to drive you crazy?

  5. Zappaz said,

    Wondering who Kimber was referring to, of course. ^_~ The apple of his eye.

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