Devil Cares: Chapter Twenty-Two

July 2, 2008 at 5:00 pm (Devil Cares) ()

I almost named this chapter “Shut Up and Drive” but that would be dirty.

For a few seconds, Wes just lay there on the ground. The drizzle of rain was a bit of a jolt after the heat of the succubus’s illusion. So he lay there on the ground, and stared up at tree limbs. Finally, with a groan, he rolled to his side. Then he pushed up onto his knees.
His shirt was bunched up around his armpits, so he pulled it down. He zipped up his pants and buckled his belt back up. He rolled his neck from side to side, and rotated his shoulders. Wes ached in places he’d never imagined aching.
“Wes? Barrett?” Kimber’s voice called out. He was somewhere fairly close, but not in sight.
“Kim—” Wes began, but his voice was hoarse. He cleared his throat and tried again. “Kimber!”
“Over here!”
There was the crunch of twigs and dirt underneath shoes, and the rustle of branches. After a little while, Kimber moved aside a hanging limb, and stepped into view.
He sighed with relief. “There you are. Have you seen Barrett?”
“I’m here,” came Barrett’s voice from a few feet away.
He came trudging up to his brothers, he arms crossed in front of him to hold the pieces of his shirt together. Wes’s hands were in his pockets, his shoulders hunched. As Kimber’s eyes moved slowly between the two of them, he realized he appeared to be the only one to come out unscathed.
“Let’s go home,” Wes said, and hated how small his voice sounded.
“Yes, let’s,” Kimber agreed.
Barrett gave one stiff nod and turned in the direction of the truck. The three brothers made the walk in silence. As they all made to get in, Barrett stopped Kimber with a touch to his arm.
Wes couldn’t believe it when Barrett held out his keys and told Kimber, “Drive.”
Kimber was also surprised. “What?”
Wearily, Barrett said, “I want you to drive. I just…I feel too tired.”
Now that it was mentioned, Wes realized he also felt a bone-reaching fatigue. All he wanted to do was crawl in his bed and sleep.
Casting a glance at Wes, Kimber asked him, “You too?”
Wes nodded.
“She must have fed off you,” Kimber said. “That must be why you seem to have no energy.”
“I don’t really care right now.” Barrett held up the keys again. “Just drive. Please.”
Reaching up to take the keys, the middle Mossberg said, “I’m not very good at driving stick. No puns, please.”
Shrugging, Barrett replied, “So drive thirty all the way home. I don’t really care so long as we get there.”
With a deep breath, Kimber nodded and walked around to the driver’s side. Wes and Barrett climbed in the other side. As the truck rumbled to life, a quick glance at the radio’s clock told them they’d only been gone for about half an hour.
It seemed like so much longer than that, Wes thought dully as they headed home.
Despite being the first one out of the car, Kimber brought up the rear as the brothers shuffled into the house. Wes thought this was probably to make sure neither of them collapsed or something.
“You know,” Kimber suggested as they climbed the stairs. “A purification bath might not be a bad idea.”
“Why?” Barrett asked, uninterested.
“Just in case,” the other replied smoothly.
“Maybe tomorrow,” Wes yawned, “I just wanna sleep right now.”
Kimber didn’t press the issue.
It didn’t take the three brothers long to shuck their clothes and fall into bed. Even Kimber was tired, though it wasn’t even eight o’clock yet. In no time at all, the three Mossberg siblings were drifting off into a night of dreams.
Miles away, a sultry woman’s voice resounded with laughter.



  1. Yahrlan said,

    Why do I have the feeling they should have bathed?


    Oh and a couple typos…
    Despite being the first one >atoutno< time at all?

  2. Yahrlan said,

    blerg…stupid thing….

    Despite being the first one at of the car….out?
    In time at all,….In no time?

  3. jekloneo said,

    Argh. The last sentence is a complete cliffhanger.

  4. Zappaz said,

    Damn cliffhangers. Damn them! I agree with the observation that perhaps the boys shouldn’t have put off those baths…

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