Devil Cares: Chapter Twenty-Seven

July 17, 2008 at 4:11 pm (Devil Cares) ()

This seems like a pathetically short chapter for the long term importance it will have. Oh, well. Also, bid a fond farewell to Wes’s POV.

The phone rang at the Mossberg Mansion a little before seven thirty, just after Wes had finished his breakfast and had gone upstairs to change.
Picking it up from its dock, Kimber said, “Mossberg residence.”
His head was canted to keep the phone in place on his shoulder as he cleaned up the pans he’d used to cook.
“I see, thank you.” He dried his hands on a towel and hung up the phone.
A few seconds later Wes clomped down the stairs, dressed for school.
“Marsha Reese just called,” Kimber told him, “turns out school’s closed today. You can go back to sleep.”
“Why?” Wes asked, “Not that I’m complaining, but what happened?”
Shrugging, his brother replied, “She didn’t really know for certain, but she heard a water line burst or something. Probably from the rain.”
Grinning a little, he went on, “It’s probably for the best. I hate driving Barrett’s car.”
“It’s a truck.”
Kimber rolled his eyes. “It’s all the same.”
Shaking his head at his brother’s foolishness, Wes turned and headed back up the stairs.
He was on his way to his bedroom when he had a thought. Instead of stopping at his door he kept on until he came to his parents’ room. Wes hesitated for a moment, his hand hovering over the knob. In some small part of himself, it felt like a violation to go into his parents’ rooms when they weren’t around to give him permission. Especially, since they’d never be able to again.
With a deep breath, he rested his hand firmly on the door handle and twisted it. He stepped inside and stopped to look around.
Everything seemed so unfamiliar now. Wes knew that was stupid, but it was true. Squaring his shoulders, the youngest Mossberg walked inside and shut the door.
What files and paperwork his father’d had on succubae were still lying on the bed where Kimber had gone through them before they’d left to oust it. He had stacked them nicely, though. The box they went in was sitting next to them.
Like every child, Wes had secretly thought his father had known everything, even when he would have denied it. It was an unpleasant shock when Wes saw the info Colt Mossberg had collected about succubae was surprisingly small. There wasn’t all that much more in the files than Kimber had told them. Wes noted the part about them liking white roses and poppies was written in his mother’s precise handwriting.
Sitting cross-legged on the bed, Wes began to read.
Apparently the word “succubus” itself came from the Latin “to lie beneath,” which, Wes thought back to his own ordeal, wasn’t strictly accurate. They held powers over lust and emotion, they could enter and manipulate dreams, and even cause sleep paralysis. Wes hadn’t known that last. The last bit of info was a blurb describing their illusion powers—although his father called it “selective reality”—and that these powers increased in the presence of mirrors.
There wasn’t so much as a single line describing their origins.
Frustrated, Wes put the papers back in the box.
Kimber hadn’t known, and his last source to prove one way or the other what the succubus girls had told him hadn’t turned up anything.
Wes wasn’t sure whether he wanted the girls to be telling the truth or not, wasn’t sure what that would mean about what else they had told him.
Leaving his parents’ room, he headed toward the computer room. There was no door to open as he entered it. His mom had worried about the kinds of things he might look at, so she’d had the door removed. A sad smile crossed his face as he thought of it.
Sitting in the swivel chair, Wes leaned over to switch on the computer. Any sources he might find on the net might not be very accurate, but he had to try. He had to know.
If the succubus had told him the truth he had to find out. Wes might not be ready for what he’d find, but if he didn’t look he’d never know.
A few clicks of the mouse booted up the internet.
“Here we go,” Wes said.



  1. Zappaz said,

    Short, perhaps, like you said, but I still like it. The whole thing about the door being removed just tickles me for some reason.

    *waves* Goodbye, Wes’ POV!

  2. Yahrlan said,

    Bye POV 2.0…hmmm, what’s next? Could it be Barrett’s POV? Surely Seth isn’t that linear :P.

    Anyway, I am temporarily adding a second song this chapter cause I feel like it. (It might not be so temporary since there were three chapters with no song…)

    Jericho Radio

    And anyone else notice that ‘Jercho’ replaces ‘Georgia’ in a couple songs? What’s next? Jericho on my mind? The Night the Lights Went Out in Jericho? Midnight Train to Jericho?? lol

  3. Seth Gray said,

    Lol, Midnight Train to Jericho is actually on my possible titles list. What can I say, people seem to have a lot to say about Georgia.

  4. jekloneo said,

    Ah, short and sweet.
    I’m dying to know what Wes’s search churned out.
    Please post more!

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