There shall come a redux

September 1, 2008 at 11:07 pm (Devil Cares) ()

Or, Devil Cares is getting a reboot.


Before the torches are lit let me just say, yes, I know twenty-eight chapters is a lot to invest in. I know it’s a long time to wait to restart. But I just couldn’t keep chugging on. This project was not turning out the way I wanted it, and I am nothing if not a perfectionist. And so, I must shut down Devil Cares for now.
Many factors led to this decision, but mostly it’s because I didn’t give the project the attention it deserved before sitting down to write. I had even remarked out loud that DC was my “tester story” to see if I could really write a book. There’s nothing wrong with this in and of itself. The problem is it reads like a tester story. Characters in Devil Cares don’t have the depth my characters usually do; we’re twenty-eight chapters in and I don’t feel like we really know who these people are.
That said, I’m too fond of the concepts behind this universe to abandon it completely. Thus, the redux. I will allow this world to percolate in my brain for awhile before sitting down to formally make some notes. In the meantime my main focus will be Jason Dane and his world. Writing The Good, the Bad, and the Blond is a lot like watching a train wreck. Jason’s life is just so delightfully messy I can’t wait to get in there.
So, long story short, I’m sorry for all this, but Devil Cares will be gone for awhile. I’m still making graphics and such to keep the characters in my mind. Maybe I’ll post those up as we go along, if there’s any interest in me doing so.
In any event, the Mossberg brothers will be back one day. And, hopefully, written in the way that they deserve.

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