About the site

Currently, the site is having a bit of a hiatus. My current project is called The Good, the Bad, and the Blond and should hopefully be going on line in the next few weeks. In the meantime feel free to read the archives of Devil Cares, my previous serial which has been closed for renovations.
Be sure to check out my LiveJournal blog, as I will be writing about the day to day occurrences of my writing there. There is a link to my LJ in the blogroll.
Also, in case you’re confused, you can click on the big box with my name in it to go back to the home page.
If you need to reach me, have at it:




  1. jekloneo said,

    This won’t matter much, but the box looks more grey than brown. To me, at least.

  2. Seth Gray said,

    My name is written in gray, fittingly enough, but the box itself looks brown to me.

  3. jekloneo said,

    Hmm. It might be because of the contrast of the grey in your name and the brown/grey of the box. The grey of your name has a blue tint to it, so the box appears less blue and thus more brown.
    Or am I really colourblind?

    Oh, and could I put your blog under my blogroll?

  4. Seth Gray said,

    It could just be a simple matter of our eyes picking up different hues. Each person’s eye senses color a little differently. And, as you’ve mentioned, colors look differently when placed next to other colors.

    Sure, feel free.

  5. jekloneo said,

    You can delete this if you want to, because it’s strictly out of topic.

    Theoretically speaking, what I perceive to be orange may be what you perceive to be red? That’s… interesting, for lack of a better word.

  6. Seth Gray said,

    Not necessarily so extreme that we would perceive one color as two completely different ones, but some eyes don’t pick up the blends of color as well as others. Some people might not notice the difference between orange and orange-red for example. Another common one is that some people can’t tell the difference between lighter shades of teal and the color turquoise.

  7. jekloneo said,

    For a second I was thinking of someone completely mistaking purple as yellow, but yeah, that’s too extreme.
    But really, we wouldn’t be able to know if they did just by their daily actions, provided that they took purple to be yellow and vice versa.
    But if someone couldn’t differentiate between two colours… I wonder what’ll happen if they were asked to draw something with the colours they can’t differentiate. Interesting.

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