Comment Policy

1. Feel free to comment: I encourage any and all forms of pertinent discussion. Even if it’s as simple as “Hey, love it!” or “I didn’t care for this part as much as the others” that’s fine. You can even comment directly to another comment so long as it’s about something related to the site or the page you are currently reading. Long discussions that sway off topic will be clipped up, however. You may also feel free to comment on older posts.
2. I reserve the right to moderate or modify any comment in part or in full: If a commenter violates one of the rules, I have the power to remove any part of the offending post or the post itself. In the case where I do not remove the whole thing I post saying I have deleted parts of it.
3. Any coincidences are entirely coincidental: I’ve already said I encourage comments, and this includes the kind that says “wouldn’t it be cool if” or “I bet such and such is going to happen.” But be aware if you make this kind of post, and just so happen to be right it’s entirely happenstance. I have things planned out in my head, and I don’t take requests, as it were. By posting on this site, you agree to forfeit any compensation that may or may not be garnered for plot points down the line that bear any resemblance to something you say.
4. Feel free to point out my mistakes: I am a grammar Nazi and if I have crafted something grammatically incorrect, or left out a word, or spelled something wrong, or any other such error I didn’t catch feel free to point it out to me. But just like the above rule, this does not entitle you to anything. If you post a “you missed this” post you agree this is a helpful suggestion only and will not seek any compensation.
5. Respect all other posters: It would be incredibly naïve to believe that every single person who ever wanders across my page will get along, and I don’t expect you to. I do expect you to be respectful of every single poster, my self included. I don’t expect you to get along, you can even disagree or outright argue with me or other posters. But if you find yourself being rude cease immediately. I will not tolerate insults as well. If you cannot argue in a civilized manner, then don’t take up a debate.
6. On the matter of swearing: I approve of enthusiasm swearing or surprise swearing. Things like “damn that was cool” or “holy shit!” are totally fine by me. I’ve already stated that this site is for mature readers (see disclaimer) so anyone who can’t handle swearing shouldn’t be here. If you actually swear at somebody, though, that will get you an automatic ban. No questions asked, no appeals. Even if it’s something as simple as “you damn fool!” Zero tolerance policy here people, I mean it.
7. I am in charge: Pretty simple, really. If I tell you to not do something I mean now. Not, “okay, but” or “just one last thing” I mean right when I tell you. Mostly this is for if arguments get out of hand.
8. By commenting on this site you agree to all of the above rules: Self explanatory.
9. Rules are subject to change at any time

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