Devil Cares–new


Jericho is a quiet little town blessed—or, perhaps, cursed—with the presence of the Mossbergs. The family of monster hunters has lived there as long as memory, protecting the town from things below the surface of civilization.  In the most recent generation, the three disparate Mossberg siblings have been drawn apart by distance and circumstance. But when a tragedy strikes they must band together to uphold their family’s legacy. If they are to survive the coming challenges they will have to face the demons of their pasts, and possibly a demon in their future.


  1. jekloneo said,

    Nice 🙂
    I like the graphics.

  2. Seth Gray said,

    Haven’t we had this conversation somewhere before? 8D

  3. jekloneo said,

    Yes, we have.
    It doesn’t hurt saying that a second time, does it?

  4. Seth Gray said,

    Of course not! I’m a comment ho. The more, the merrier.

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