Devil Cares–old


Devil Cares is taking a breather, but feel free to read the original version. Links below

Devil Cares Playlist because Yahrlan is awesome. Click on the middle button to activate player.


  1. jekloneo said,

    nice graphics. 🙂
    Sounds like an interesting story…

  2. Seth Gray said,

    Well, thank you. I hope you still think so come Monday.

  3. Yahrlan said,

    Lol I’m not that great.

    Hehe…I love that: “The Man in the Blue Fedora.”

  4. Yahrlan said,

    I just realized that there are some slightly creepy faces lurking in some of your swirly foggy graphics like Unfortunate Son/Little Old Lady and Take Me On… Don’t know if you meant to do that, but it’s still creepy. Especially the Take Me On one.

  5. Seth Gray said,

    Take Me On is supposed to have faces in it, the others just look that way I guess. Lol.

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