The Good, the Bad, and the Blond


This is not a fairytale. Elves are not benevolent and wise. Trolls do not live under bridges. Witches do not ride on brooms. (We could, but they chafe, you see.) If your mind, gentle reader, can handle the shattering of everything you thought you knew about magic then read on.

If not, then piss off.
But if it can, then join us! Yours truly, a.k.a Jason Dane, our beautiful protagonist, and my assistant Sarah Jane, whom I call Agnes for no reason at all, as we face unthinkable horrors: the Chief of Police, the Queen of Witches, a psychotic killer, my mother.
The magic! The mystery! The sex…oh, alright, not so much that last one. But the first two will be out in spades. Promise.
Damn, I need to get laid.


  1. Zappaz said,

    *bounces in seat* Exciting!

  2. jekloneo said,

    Loved the intro. I’m liking Jason more and more.

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