This site is meant for mature readers and will feature themes of violence, language, sexual content, socio/political discourse, and other things that may not be suitable for those with delicate sensibilities. If you think you can’t handle such things navigate elsewhere. If you read on and find out that something within is distasteful to you, don’t whine to me. You’ve been warned. With that information in mind you read on anyway and find out that your mind has been opened you may praise my brilliance.
Everything on this site is a product of the author’s imagination and any references or similarities to real persons, places, or events are either fictitious or used fictitiously. Any resemblances to any other works is purely coincidental. Since 1989 the United States has operated under the Berne Convention, meaning all creative works rendered since then have been subject to automatic copyright without registration. What does this mean? All stories posted here are copyrighted with all rights reserved and any violation of that copyright will result in legal action.
The new graphics are almost entirely my own design, except for the fonts of course. But everything else is mine. The hand drawn designs on The Good, the Bad, and the Blond‘s title card were made by me, and even the new Jericho cityscape on the Devil Cares is my own design.
My old graphic designs make use of several freeware brushes I have picked up in various places, mostly from the website Obsidian Dawn. I have also used a few from the DeviantArt resource page, but I have not chronicled which users’ brushes I have made use of. If you spy a brush you think is yours merely drop me a comment and I’ll put your name up right here.

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